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MAN Store Antwerp - Lookbook - Meet Niels


Age: 46
Profession: Owner CheckPoint Mol &
MAN Store Antwerp

MAN Store Antwerp - Lookbook - Meet Niels

Introducing Niels Daniels, the driving force behind CheckPoint in Mol. Born and bred with a passion for fashion, Niels has been immersed in the industry for 25 years, having taken over the reins of CheckPoint from his parents. A true entrepreneur at heart, Niels possesses a keen eye for detail and a knack for discovering unique fashion brands.

With decades of experience under his belt, Niels is poised to transform MAN Store into a resounding success. His innate ability to spot trends and his dedication to curating the finest selection of menswear sets him apart in the fashion landscape.

MAN Store Antwerp - Lookbook - Meet Niels

Niels epitomizes style with his own wardrobe choices, often seen donning pieces from his favorite menswear brand, Barena Venezia, paired effortlessly with stylish sneakers from Garment Project.

As the driving force behind MAN Store, Niels Daniels is set to redefine the men’s fashion scene in Antwerp and beyond, one impeccably curated collection at a time.

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