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MAN Store Antwerp - Lookbook - Meet Mischa


Age: 39
Profession: Owner Selfedge Showroom &
MAN Store Antwerp

MAN Store Antwerp - Lookbook - Meet Mischa

Introducing Mischa Hengeveld, the visionary behind Selfedge showroom in Antwerp and owner of the Colorful Standard store in Antwerp. With 14 years of expertise as a representative for renowned brands like The GoodPeople, Won Hundred, and Duke + Dexter, Mischa’s journey in the fashion industry began at the age of 18. His deep understanding of the market and keen insight into the ever-evolving fashion world set him apart.

Driven by a passion for excellence, Mischa identified a niche in the current retail landscape and embarked on the journey to fill it with the opening of MAN Store. His mission? To cater to discerning men seeking premium service and top-tier men’s brands.

MAN Store Antwerp - Lookbook - Meet Mischa

Mischa’s personal style reflects his discerning taste and effortless sophistication. Whether it’s his signature Won Hundred blazer paired with Scandinavian fashion brand trousers or his trusty Duke + Dexter penny loafers, every detail speaks volumes about his commitment to quality and style.

With MAN Store, Mischa Hengeveld is not just offering products; he’s crafting an experience—an experience that embodies the essence of luxury, service, and impeccable style.

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